Canadian artist Tanya Torossian began painting in 1997. While her earlier work consisted of cityscapes and portraits in acrylic paint, her current abstracts and figurative pieces are oil based on large canvases and have shifted toward a more contemporary style.

Torossian is interested in replicating the feeling of nostalgia between the layers of her pieces. Obscure memories and familiar emotions from our distant past become fleeting memories layered beneath new encounters and adventures. Each figure is ultimately covered in brilliant contrasting colors and large strokes applied by using traditional printing materials such as ink rollers, spatulas and squeegees. The translucent layers are completed with glazed drippings giving them a wistful finish of what once lied beneath.

Torossian holds a degree in Psychology, a degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design and boasts 20 years as creative director for the Ganian Media Agency .

Over the years, Torossian has participated in several group exhibitions and has exhibited her work in Montreal, Toronto, and New York.

Her artwork is held in private collections in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Boston, California, Colorado and Italy.

Selected Group Exhibitions

November 2018 – Montreal Undercover

September 2018 – SETNYC Fashion Week SS2019 – Chelsea Manhattan

June 2008 – Festival International Montreal en Art

June 2007 – Festival International Montreal en Art

October 2006 – Groupe Show at Les Galeries Alternances-Art.

June 2006 – Festival International Montreal en Art

December 2005 – 2005 collection is SOLD OUT



L’Etre – July 2006 Issue

Epikaira Nea – Fall 2001

The Clairmont Review – August 1998

Ararat – October 1997 – New York



Concordia University – Bachelor of arts (Psychology)

Demers Institute of Design – Multimedia and Graphic Design


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